Hi! Mi name is Alexandra and I´m the person behind Basati Dolls.

Since I was a child I love to make crafts, pencils, paper and colorful clays have been with me all my life, and little by little, with a lot of practice, my skills improved to the point that I considered to earn some money with them, because of the money and because I didn´t have space for more creations in my home Xd

This was how my first brand was born, Sifaka, a very modest and underdeveloped one. I made accessories, some figures and little more. Thereby, from rural fair to rural fair, my brain was working and one-day, combined with my love for posable and jointed dolls, an idea, a design was born, a character that will bring a whole fantasy world behind her: Ngumbi (pronounced "engumbi"), my nature balance warrior, and then, later, Basati.

And so on until today, when the species of Basati clump together and I have to write all their scientific names not to forget them, cause I´m also a biologist and it reflects somehow in all my magic stuff.

My imagination doesn´t want to keep still and Basati isn´t just an idea now, it´s posable dolls, illustrations, designs, concepts, shorts stories and proyects of larger stories.