A world of fantasy and magic

Some Basati creatures


Faarwen are half-goat, half-canid creatures. This one you can see here is just a puppy, with age they become much larger, especially the females, whose antlers never stop growing and branching.

Faarwen have the colors of what they consume the most and they love sweet things like fruit, of which the pirulichi is their favorite. This fruit has many colors, hence the colorful fur of many faarwen.


Basati's trolls are born from a vegetable's desire to grow stronger and faster. They appear when nature needs a little push. They are creatures halfway between a forest spirit and a plant.

They can make a tree grow all at once if they don´t be careful, they control its growth through sound waves, or which is the same, they play instruments and sing to make their magic.


The mycota or setiños are basically mushrooms capable of movement and independent of the mother fungus. Although, they feel emotions and can communicate with each other.

They usually travel in small groups to spread their spores around the world, far from the mother fungus. They feed on fallen wood, returning its nutrients to the ground.

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Meera the young mermaid


It´s so beautiful, it´s even more beautiful in my hands and the details are very meticulous!! Fast shipping and very well packed, thank you so much 😊❤❤


It´s so beautiful. I wanted one so hard. It has arrived in perfect conditions and very well packed with sweets and all. She´s a great artist. Thank you for your creations.


I can´t be more in love with it! A very caring package, each detail is impressive. It´s imposible to turn your sigh away of the brightness of its mushrooms, of its tiny tail or of its little heart painted in its mouth. Thank you so much artist. I will repeat for sure!